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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are in front of us physically or we are talking through a video call, we can ask you the same type of questions. We can learn about you and your health past, and identify what is going on with your body. We can assess your state of health and well-being by looking at your eyes, skin complexion, hair and tongue all through the computer or phone camera. We can even check on your fingernails. We can also hear the tone of your voice, the way you express yourself, and many other things providing information about your health. 

Our protocols do not involve nutrient megadoses to treat specific diseases or symptoms. Trying to address the signs of disease one at a time only provides a temporary fix. All our bodily systems have complete and continual interdependence with each other. Thus, a smartly designed and effective diet regime should establish health on a systemic level, rather than suppressing symptoms one by one. When a metabolically compatible diet is applied, and as a result, good health manifests, most chronic diseases simply can not occur in the first place. That’s because all physiologic processes run at peak efficiency. The most important thing in nutritional therapy is to supply the body with the proper raw materials needed to create balance and efficiency at all levels, from the micro (cellular) to the macro (systemic). When the human body gets the proper nutrition it is supposed to get, it can withhold a much larger amount of stress, heal quicker and perform optimally in all aspects of life.

After following a metabolically appropriate diet for a few months, you will experience: 1) Increased physical and mental energy following meals 2) Better conversion of nutrients into energy (rather than fat) 3) Alleviation of digestive conditions, such as gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation 4) Feelings of satiation for at least 4 hours after finishing a meal 5) Elimination of cravings for sugary, processed foods 6) Sustained energy and endurance throughout the day 7) Improved athletic performance 8) Better mental clarity and concentration 9) Subsiding of negative emotional states, such as irritability, anxiety, depression 10) Renewed sense of well-being and positive mental outlook on life 11) Calm brain with no more racing thoughts. 

As long as you keep going and staying consistent with your diet, you will also experience: 1) Natural weight loss without struggle, deprivation, dieting or caloric restriction 2) Management and/or complete reversal of chronic disease symptoms 3) Enhanced immunity and improved resistance to colds, flus and recurrent infections (such as UTIs) 5) Better skin texture, health and elasticity 6) Slowing of the aging process.

To start, eat any food you like from the recommended food list for your metabolic type. As your body chemistry changes and balances, you will be surprised that your taste preferences will also change. You will begin enjoying more of the foods that are truly good for you and start losing interest in foods that are harmful. Humans have the ability to instinctively know which foods are good for them and which ones are not. This ability has been lost or distorted due to metabolic imbalances, the excess use of sugar, alcohol, nicotine and junk foods, by air and water pollution, and by the addition of over ten thousand synthetic chemicals to our food, water, and air supply. Fortunately, our distorted appetites can be restored once we begin to eat according to our inherited metabolic characteristics. Also, as our body chemistry slowly stabilizes and our health improves, we will be able to tolerate a much wider variety of foods.

We will be happy to work with your current doctor or healthcare professional, and write a referral outlining the reason you have asked for our help, and the recommendations you’ve been given by us. Where necessary, we may also ask your doctor for assistance with further investigations or monitoring of treatment progress. We will always work with you to complement other treatments you are already implementing, not work against them.

No. We offer advice and recommendations concerning healthcare. It should be used to supplement rather than replace the advice of your doctor or another trained medical professional. If you know or suspect that you have a health condition, it is recommended that you seek your physician’s advice first before embarking on any of our programs or protocols.

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Did you know?

Many traditional societies obligated future mothers to strict, multimonth nutritional therapy to reassure the health and vigor of the newborn. It was actually forbidden for a woman to give birth more than once every 3 years, as it was found that this increased the child’s likelihood of developing various ailments and diseases. It also imposed a greater risk to the health of the mother, as her body needed to be adequately nourished in order to withstand the stress of pregnancy and delivery.

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