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George Kelly M.Sc.

George has been a health and wellness enthusiast from a very young age, trying to discover the perfect diet for human health and athletic performance.

After years of sports nutrition practice with 100’s of athletes – both amateurs and professionals – came the realization that the real gap in today’s world is chronic illness.

Working with individuals of various backgrounds, many of whom suffered from chronic conditions, gave him the insight that the best way to improve athletic performance is by first making people healthier.

That led him to a long, multiplex investigation journey where he explored the interactions between nutrients and individual metabolic types, paving the way for a degree in functional medicine and nutritional therapy.

Through intense experimentation and enormous amounts of studying George discovered that food is also information, not just an energy source.

Depending on each person’s unique metabolic type/profile, different nutrients can affect its homeostatic control systems in a profoundly different way, creating positive or negative physical manifestations of all kinds; affecting all aspects of human physiology- From energy levels, mental acuity, body composition and athletic performance to immunity, hormonal status, mood and fertility.

To help individuals regain their health and vitality, George created the Metabolic Body project (, along with other nutritional experts who share the same passion with him- Optimizing the biochemistry and physiology of the human body.

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George Kelly M.Sc.

By George Kelly- M.Sc., FNTP, Metabolic Type Expert.

I hope our readers gain the necessary tools and knowledge to take their health and destiny into their own hands. The art of nutrition is the only real remedy when it comes to chronic disease and autoimmunity. Combine that with the elements of mental and spiritual balance, and you have the perfect formula for living a productive, peaceful, and prosperous life. 

George Kelly's Book

Low-carb bodybuilding guide

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Vintage Physique: A Golden Era Bodybuilding Guide to Health and Aesthetics.

Vintage Physique book

Vintage Physique is a meticulous, easy-to-understand low-carb muscle building guide designed to help men achieve new levels of health and aesthetics. Comprised of secrets and innovative techniques established by the most bright Old-School bodybuilders of the Golden Era, this premium handbook offers all the tools you need to achieve superhero levels of muscularity and strength- through a ketovore/carnivore style of eating full of nutrient-rich animal foods. Strict adherence to the Vintage Physique protocol will lead to a lean, muscular, functional and athletic body, but without the gas, bloating, indigestion, blood sugar problems and energy crashes caused by high-carb consumption.

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