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George Kelly M.Sc.

George Kelly M.Sc. is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Having his small sister diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of one obligated him very early to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Growing up in a very strict household where processed foods were not allowed and being a book lover, George learned the importance of scientific nutrition when it comes to preventing, managing, or reversing chronic disease.

His passion to help people all over the world made him create the Metabolic Body project (, along with other nutritional experts who share the same philosophy.

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George Kelly M.Sc.

By George Kelly M.Sc.

“I hope our readers gain the necessary tools and knowledge to take their health and destiny into their own hands. The science of nutrition is the only real, sustainable remedy when it comes to chronic disease and autoimmunity. Combine that with the elements of mental and spiritual balance, and you have the perfect formula for a productive, peaceful, and joyful life.” 

George Kelly's Books

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The Simple AIP Handbook: An Ancestral Approach to Fix Leaky Gut and Reverse Autoimmunity Through Nourishing Foods

Autoimmune Diet

Fix leaky gut and heal your digestive system with The Simple AIP Handbook.

Choose what dietary approach is right for you and kick-start your healing journey!

The Simple AIP Handbook is a 4-stage autoimmune protocol that focuses on resting your body, mind, and spirit, while giving your metabolism and immune system a break to recover and return back to balance.

It includes 4 Ancestral / Paleolithic AIP variations depending on where you are on the autoimmune spectrum, which is also on the book for you to determine.
Autoimmunity is a very fluid metabolic environment that needs a holistic approach to be efficiently addressed.

Gaining a proper foundation of knowledge regarding autoimmunity, how it manifests and how it is affected by diet and lifestyle is vital if you are a chronic disease or autoimmune patient.

You may have to ‘retrain’ your immune system the same way you would train a puppy to behave, stay quiet and not overreact with everything and anything.

Autoimmunity is essentially an immune overreaction and your immune system needs basically the same thing with a puppy- someone to help it from overreacting.


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Vintage Physique: A Golden Era Bodybuilding Guide to Health and Aesthetics.

Vintage Physique book

Vintage Physique is a meticulous, easy-to-understand low-carb muscle building guide designed to help men achieve new levels of health and aesthetics.

Comprised of secrets and innovative techniques established by the most bright Old-School bodybuilders of the Golden Era, this premium handbook offers all the tools you need to achieve superhero levels of muscularity and strength- through a ketovore/carnivore style of eating full of nutrient-rich animal foods.

Strict adherence to the Vintage Physique protocol will lead to a lean, muscular, functional and athletic body, without the gas, bloating, indigestion, blood sugar problems and energy crashes caused by high-carb consumption.

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