Reverse Chronic Disease

Food As Medicine

6 in 10 Adults in the US have a chronic disease

4 in 10 Adults have two or more chronic diseases

National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention and health promotion

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They are also leading drivers of the nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual health care costs.

Explore the science behind chronic illness

Most chronic diseases have something in common: underlying metabolic imbalances.

Deficiencies in certain nutrients, toxicity from various sources and nervous system dysregulation impair the metabolic efficiency of cells, disrupting their energy production pathways and their ability to excrete metabolic wastes.

All diets ranging from strict vegetarian to Paleo to carnivore provide specific dietary constituents that balance or destabilize a person’s unique biochemistry. You may have noticed it yourself: no matter how well-designed a diet is, it does not work for every person. That “biochemical individuality” is also particularly evident in the different types of diets humans have used to survive and thrive throughout millennia.




The interactions between genes, nutrients and food bioactive compounds could positively or negatively influence an individual’s health


Exercise and metabolic health are quintessential means to ensure immunity from a wide variety of diseases


Humans are a natural extension of this earth. Daily sun exposure, earthing, EMF-free living, halogen-free water, and clean air are vital to good health and longevity


Adequate sleep, nose breathing, abstinence from excessive blue-light, daily fasting, meditation, and social relationships upregulate immune function

You don't have to fight this alone

If you ask the internet about your health, what is supposed to work keeps changing. This combination of urgency for a solution and a roulette wheel of approaches makes it very challenging to move forward with any confidence.

what health geniuses of the past say

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Stay close to nature and her eternal rules will protect You

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Primal, indigenous nutrition leads to robust health, freedom from tooth decay, and ease of reproduction generation after generation.



the future is customizization

Nutrition is the only real sustainable solution for restoring health and vitality on a systemic level, without masking symptoms by taking a pill or injection.

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