/ / / The Simple AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Handbook: An Ancestral Approach to Fix Leaky Gut and Reverse Autoimmunity Through Nourishing Foods

The Simple AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Handbook: An Ancestral Approach to Fix Leaky Gut and Reverse Autoimmunity Through Nourishing Foods


The Simple AIP Handbook contains 4 different Ancestral / Paleolithic AIP protocols depending on where you are on the autoimmune spectrum, which is also on the book for you to determine. Many people are at stage I of autoimmunity and don’t even know it, because they don’t have overt symptoms yet.



Do You Suffer From a “Leaky Gut” and Autoimmune Issues?

How About Fixing Them Naturally Without Drugs By Using Food as Medicine?

If you are reading this, then you or one of your loved ones has been probably diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. No reason to get overwhelmed, anxious or afraid. There’s a scientifically-proven way to manage and/or reverse this problem naturally by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Discover The Simple Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Handbook!

This comprehensive and meticulously-written guide will offer you simple, easy-to-follow, smartly-designed autoimmune solutions that will help you get back your life and your health.

Top Reasons To Start Reading The Simple Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Handbook Right Now:

✅UNDERSTAND the root cause of autoimmunity: the symptoms, the treatment, and the pathophysiology.

✅LEARN MORE about The AIP Diet & How It Works: nutrient-density, gut health, hormone regulation, microbiome health, and their vital importance.

✅MASTER The AIP Compliant Foods, Herbs & Spices: discover the best AIP protein, carb and fat sources, AIP baking flours, AIP sweeteners, and more.

✅CHOOSE 1 of 4 the Ancestral / Paleolithic autoimmune diets and kick-start your healing journey!

And The Best Part?

While some autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet books only offer theoretical advice on how to start managing autoimmune symptoms through diet, The Simple AIP Handbook also includes a 4-stage AIP action plan, as well as delicious AIP recipes for healthier and tastier meals.

In The Simple AIP Handbook You Will Discover:

🥩 The Most Important Healing Foods For Reversing Autoimmunity

🥚 How To Reintroduce Your Favourite Foods (i.e., Eggs) Fast and Safely

🍅 How To Know If Your Body Doesn’t Agree With a Particular Food and How Much Time You Will Need to Exclude It From Your Diet

🍕 How to Lose Weight If You Are Overweight or Gain Weight If You Are Underweight

🥗 Tasty AIP Salad and Salsa Recipes

🧪 Self-Test To Identify How Advanced Your Autoimmune Issues Are and How Much Time You Will Need to Fully Heal Depending on Your Stage

*Includes Specific Diet Recommendations For Each Autoimmune Stage

And That’s Not All!

The Simple AIP Handbook also includes a special chapter dedicated solely to Adrenal Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue that many people suffer from. Adrenal fatigue, also known as HPA axis dysfunction, can mimic the autoimmune process creating confusion to both the doctor and the patient. The Simple AIP Handbook provides specific steps on how to recover from adrenal fatigue as well as secrets, tips, and tricks for AIP diet success slowly preparing you for a healthy transition into Paleo and other enjoyable/sustainable healing diets.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click “Buy Now” & Invest In Your Health & Longevity – Grab A Copy Of The Simple Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Handbook Today!