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The Simple AIP Handbook: An Ancestral Approach to Fix Leaky Gut and Reverse Autoimmunity Through Nourishing Foods

Fix leaky gut and heal your digestive system with The Simple AIP Handbook. 

Choose what diet is right for you and kick-start your healing journey!

The Simple AIP Handbook is a 4-stage autoimmune protocol that focuses on resting your body, mind, and spirit, while giving your metabolism and immune system a break to recover and return to balance. 

It includes 4 ancestral AIP diets depending on where you are on the autoimmune spectrum, which is also in the book for you to determine. 

Autoimmunity is a very fluid metabolic environment that needs a holistic, integrative approach to be effectively addressed.

Gaining a proper foundation of knowledge about autoimmunity, how it manifests and how it is affected by diet and lifestyle is super important if you are a chronic disease or autoimmune patient.

Oftentimes, you have to “retrain” your immune system the same way you would train a puppy to behave, stay quiet and not overreact with everything and anything.

Autoimmunity is essentially an immune overreaction and your immune system needs in a way the same thing with a puppy— someone to help it from overreacting. 

If you have trouble following the classic AIP, but want to resolve a complex, chronic autoimmune issue, then this book is for you.
Groundbreaking, yet its principles are simple enough.
One of the best natural health books I've ever read.