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Vintage Physique: A Golden Era Bodybuilding Guide to Health and Aesthetics

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Eat, train, supplement, and rest like an Old School, Golden Era bodybuilder and have yourself metamorphose into an Adonis. 



Vintage Physique is a meticulous, easy-to-understand low-carb muscle building guide designed to help men achieve new levels of health and aesthetics. Comprised of secrets and innovative techniques established by the most bright Old-School bodybuilders of the Golden Era, this premium handbook offers all the tools you need to achieve superhero levels of muscularity and strength- through a ketovore/carnivore style of eating full of nutrient-rich animal foods. Strict adherence to the Vintage Physique protocol will lead to a lean, muscular, functional and athletic body, without the gas, bloating, indigestion, blood sugar problems and energy crashes caused by high-carb consumption.


Nutrition: A heavy animal-based/carnivorous diet regime based on high quality, bioavailable fats and protein- Lots of red meat, eggs, fatty fish, and raw dairy. Depending on the person’s tolerance, small amounts of gut-friendly, easy-to-digest sources of carbohydrates MAY be included. Their use is solely intended to replace electrolytes (potassium, magnesium) and glycogen stores lost during intense exercise. Smaller meals with a higher eating frequency are recommended to ease off the load on the digestive system and ensure proper nutrient absorption, especially protein..

Training: High-intensity, full-body lifting sessions and zero cardio. 

Supplements:  Includes specific brand recommendations to protect your hard-earned money and health. The most important supplements of the protocol are:

Glandular extracts to maximize hormone and androgen production.

Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, a healthy immune system and good mental health, especially during the winter months.

HCL tablets and Digestive Enzymes to optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.