Metabolic Type Diet Plan


Take our test and receive a custom diet plan according to your unique metabolic body type. See your health and fitness transform by implementing the diet your genes dictate. Without deprivation and caloric restriction, just science and application.


A detailed, customized nutrition plan based on your unique metabolic type including:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your metabolic profile (underlying physiology and biochemistry, common physical characteristics of your type, common personality traits, strengths, weaknesses)
  • Foods to eat and avoid (printable list), your ideal macronutrient ratio, sample menus, important tips on your allowable foods, what to do if you are a traveling person or do not know how to cook, and 10+ common Q&A.
  • Premium support for 30 days, constantly answering questions and making necessary adjustments if needed.
  • An optional 45-day follow-up meeting to check your progress. 


For us to determine your genuine nutritional needs you must first take a thorough metabolic type questionnaire (automatic access upon purchase). Upon its completion, we receive your results automatically, and once your assessment is done you’ll get a notification e-mail, letting you know that we have started your plan. Following that, you should typically wait 2-3 days for its delivery straight to your inbox (including Weekends).


Our Approach

Strong scientific research suggests that for hereditary reasons each body owns a unique “metabolism”, which refers to the conversion efficiency of ingested nutrients into energy. Apart from academic findings, you too should have probably witnessed the scenario of someone gaining amazing benefits from a particular diet, with the same diet creating a host of problems to another individual. As you may understand, the same foods that keep your best friend lean and healthy, may keep you weak, fatigued and overweight. Determining your metabolic tendencies and adapting your eating practices according to them will allow you to lose weight effortlessly and in a sustainable manner, build muscle, boost mental focus and cognitive performance, enhance sleep quality, improve digestion, alleviate constipation, increase your energy, enhance mood and well-being. Through our protocol, we will show you exactly what foods and nutrient combinations are right for your individual metabolic type, removing unnecessary confusion and maximizing your results.